2011 - Bachelor of Design, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB
2020 - MFA, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

Solo Exhibitions
2013 “Alligator Eyes”, RandM Collective, Calgary, AB
2014 “The Zookeeper”,Secret 8 Project Space, curated by Austin Taylor, Calgary, AB
2014 “Lemonade”, The Peanut Gallery, Calgary, AB
2015 “Weeping and Making Sad Noises” AVALANCHE!, Calgary, AB
2015 “CITRUS” Hashtag Gallery, Toronto, ON
2016 “Sally Zephysson” Souvenir Studios, Toronto, ON
2017 “Prune in a Well” Pushmi Pullyu, Toronto, ON
2017 “Right Aunt Left” Project Gallery Studios, Toronto, ON
2021 “Tick Tock, Drip Drop” ARWAV Gallery, Toronto, ON
2022 “Small Formations” Lalani-Jennings Gallery, Guelph, ON

2012 “Shapejam”, Hashtag Gallery, Toronto, ON
2013 “Group of Seven”, Sled Island Group Show, Calgary, AB
2013 “Framework”, Vancouver, BC
2014 “The Still Life Show” Sled Island Group Show, Calgary, AB
2015 “Three Sheets to the Wind” AVALANCHE!, Calgary, AB
2016 “Walking the Pheanix” AVALANCHE!, Calgary, AB
2017 “Billion Questions” 419 College st, Toronto, ON
2017 “Simmer” 165 Geary, Toronto, ON
2017 “The Portrait Show” 5am Merchandice, Calgary, AB
2017 “Simmer 2” 165 Geary, Toronto, ONå

Curatorial Experience
2016-2018 Pushmi Pullyu - Programming Director, Toronto, ON